Creating or Giving to an Endowment

Endowments at Advocate Charitable Foundation are primarily a human process—empowering people to help others today and tomorrow. People create endowments for a hospital or program of Advocate Health Care to perpetuate their personal vision and to enable the continuation of exemplary medical care for years to come.

Gifts to endowments are held in perpetuity. We invest endowment funds for long-term stability and growth and make a portion of earnings available for spending to support the purpose of the endowment. The remaining income is added to the principal as protection against inflation. As a result, a person who makes an endowment gift today may be confident that it will grow and continue to support its intended purpose in the future.

Minimum support levels for various types of endowments are intended to provide adequate income to achieve the donor’s intent—now and in the future.

Endowment Resources