Rosielyn Lassiter

Rosielyn Lassiter

Rosielyn Lassiter: “Trinity PROUD”

A retired nurse, Rosielyn Lassiter is a longtime Advocate supporter and an enthusiastic member of Trinity’s new Development Council.


A retired nurse with a strong interest in public health, Rosielyn Lassiter has long been a member of the Advocate family. Her late husband, John, was a board member at Advocate Trinity Hospital when it was still South Chicago Community Hospital. A successful financial services professional, John cared deeply about the local community, and the couple established strong roots on the South Side where they raised their two sons. Ultimately, John served on the Advocate Health Care board from its inception in 1995, actively sharing his financial expertise to help guide the new organization.

Rosielyn maintains ties with her friends from throughout the Advocate system and each year has the pleasure of meeting the “John Lassiter Fellow.” Created to honor her husband’s service, the fellowship gives aspiring hospital administrators a chance to hone their skills at Advocate.

While Rosielyn enjoys the activities that keep her connected to the entire system, her current passion is for Trinity Hospital—both because of her longtime connection to the South Side and her excitement about Trinity’s advancements and outreach initiatives. She is especially pleased about recent efforts to tell the Trinity story through the “Trinity PROUD” campaign. “The hospital has grown and expanded its services significantly in recent years,” she says. “But many people in the community are not aware of what it has to offer.”

Rosielyn met Trinity’s new president, Michelle Gaskill, a few years ago when Michelle was still VP of Nursing—and the two nurses hit it off right away. A great admirer of Michelle’s energy, intelligence and vision for the hospital—Rosielyn is honored to have been invited to join Trinity Hospital’s Development Council. “Our goals are to raise funds and to raise awareness of Trinity’s presence in the community,” she says. “While it’s important that a large system like Advocate ‘has our back,’ each site must take responsibility for much of what needs to be done. Being on the Development Council gives me an opportunity to convey that message to the public.”