Paul and Barbara Hills

Paul and Barbara Hills

Paul and Barbara Hills Take the Lead

Barrington residents Barbara and Paul Hills take the lead in raising funds for Good Shepherd Hospital’s historic modernization project.


For Paul and Barbara Hills to take the lead as co-chairs of the Look Forward campaign steering committee seems perfectly natural. The couple moved to Barrington with their young children in 1985, and they’ve been committed to the community ever since. Paul says, “The Barrington area is a wonderful place for a family. The public schools are outstanding. Our kids enjoyed activities through sports teams, the park district, the library—and, of course, we had Good Shepherd Hospital.”

The youngest of the four Hills children, John Paul, was born at the hospital. It was the place Paul and Barbara could rely on to treat the kids’ injuries and illnesses, the institution where the area’s top physicians practiced—and a trusted community resource worthy of their longstanding philanthropic support and voluntary service.

Co-founder of Sage Products, a successful health care medical device company, Paul has always understood the importance of high-quality medical services—and health care has become his and Barbara’s primary philanthropic interest. “I have a passion for health care, but I want to help people help themselves,” Paul says. “You can’t realize your dreams if you don’t have your health.”

Barbara is grateful for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity Good Shepherd has given them to invest their energies in such an ambitious and transformative project. “I personally want to make a difference,” she says. “Leading this campaign gives me a purpose: to improve health care for the whole community.”

As donors, Paul and Barbara have also taken the lead with a significant campaign gift—to be honored with an opportunity to name the building. They are proud of this contribution, and Paul regards it as their legacy. “When you make a sizeable gift, you not only help a lot of people, but you provide yourself and your family the sense that you did the right thing,” he says. “Nothing else we could do would have as much impact. The hospital serves countless people, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The new building will give the best surgeons, physicians, technicians and nurses the best place to practice healing.”

The Hills family has cultivated a culture of philanthropy among their business associates, as well as their children. Paul and Sage co-founder Vince Foglia made giving back to the community a strong value at their company, and Sage remains a generous corporate sponsor of the hospital to this day.

The next generation of the Hills family also has a passion for giving. Now in their thirties with their own families, sons Tom and John Paul, along with their wives, Darby and Lauren, founded Barrington Children’s Charities. JP and Lauren are leaders in Barrington Giving Day. Amy Hills Baier and her husband, Bret, are dedicated development leaders at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC. “It is important to teach younger people about philanthropy,” Barbara says. Paul adds, “They need to know it’s not just about money. It’s about being part of something larger than yourself, giving of your time and talent.”

As hands-on donors and campaign leaders, Barbara and Paul enjoy encouraging their friends, neighbors and business associates to invest in the future of Good Shepherd Hospital. Asked what motivates people to give to the campaign, Paul says, “Good Shepherd serves our community, and this community is our home. We must join together to ensure that our home hospital offers the most advanced care. ”