Patient Stories

Millions of people depend on Advocate Health Care every year. Advocate provides inspiring medicine for patients following a life-threatening heart attack, a traumatic car accident or a terrifying cancer diagnosis. And often, philanthropy plays a vital role in enabling us to offer the best treatment and services possible for our patients—and their families. Read some of their stories.

  • Elizabeth Mitchell

    Elizabeth Mitchell thanks her home care nurse for uncovering dietary dangers—and ultimately improving her health.... read more
  • Corey Epton

    The lone survivor among premature triplets, Corey Epton defied the odds and thrived after five months in neonatal intensive care—inspiring her grateful family to give back.... read more
  • Claire Jerome

    Born with a short femur, Claire Jerome waited until a new technology was available to lengthen her limb in a safe and less invasive manner.... read more
  • Christopher Canaday

    Although Christopher’s medical journey is not over, he is doing what his parents vowed he would do. He enjoys sports with his brothers, attends school and has time to just be a kid. “Every day is a gift, and you need to make the best of it,” says Amy. “When the staff at Advocate Children’s Hospital shows they care, it makes it easier on our family.”... read more
  • Afiya Sare

    One-year-old Afiya Sare was born with an open spine in Burkina Faso, Africa. She developed a life-threatening infection and urgently needed specialized pediatric care not available in her hometown. “This type of problem requires a pediatric hospital, and the beauty of a pediatric hospital, especially this one, is that you have teams available on really short notice to tackle difficult, complicated problems," says Dr. Vicari, who has been partnering with Dr. Ruge on surgeries for more than 20 years.... read more
  • Meet Dylan: An Inspiring Kid

    The day after his junior prom, Dylan Rhodes was in a terrible car accident that left him with a severe brain injury. Dylan was in the hospital for weeks on end, leaving him unable to walk and reliant on breathing and feeding tubes. After a successful surgery, Dylan began extensive inpatient rehabilitation where he amazed his family and care team with his determination to walk, talk and eat on his own again. ... read more