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Welcome to Making the Rounds, Advocate Charitable Foundation’s blog focused on how philanthropy makes a difference across Advocate for our patients and their grateful families, our physicians and caregivers, hospitals and communities - and the donors themselves. Here you will also find news and stories of gifts at work made possible by the generous support of our donors and partners.

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How one cancer survivor hopes to save lives

In late August, 60-year-old Gloria Delaney of Lynwood, Ill., knew something was wrong after experiencing chronic coughing. Delaney, who had already been diagnosed with Lupus in 1994, says she knew she needed to be her own advocate. “If something is wrong or feels wrong, I know I have to communicate…...

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Saying goodbye to Ruby

Many hospitals are blessed with incredible volunteers who never know the depth and breadth of joy and comfort they bring to patients and staff. Among them are ones who want nothing more than a pat on the head, a treat here and there and maybe a scratch… in…exactly…the…right…place. Such a…...

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Families like yours helping families like theirs

Nathan’s Story On January 9, 2017, Nathan Jodison was transported to the Park Ridge campus of Advocate Children’s Hospital with injuries too severe to be treated elsewhere. Sherri, Nathan’s mom, who was being treated at a different hospital nearly 50 miles away, felt helpless. Nathan and Sherri were involved in…...

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Living with gratitude

By Agnes Richardson Because it cannot be bought, borrowed, returned or replaced, time is an invaluable commodity in our lives. Although time cannot be owned, it is quite often stolen, and one of the greatest thieves of time is the diagnosis of cancer. This is the lesson I have learned…...

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Special care I never knew I needed

By Suzanne Boylan Murray It’s like riding a roller coaster when you have a sick child. Some days you are up, and some days you are down. My son’s name is Kenny, and today he is a happy and active 3 year-old. He adores his big sister Maddie. But Kenny…...

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How an innovative cancer treatment saved Roger’s life

Roger Rivera knew something wasn’t right when he started having chest pains almost two years ago. But after a trip to his doctor and a couple tests, he was sent home with no signs of a problem. Four months later, Roger was back at his doctor’s office with shoulder pain.…...

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Tiny beginnings

By Mary Claire Sopchyk A snowy Friday morning in January seemed like a good day for my husband to work from home. Thirty-two weeks pregnant with our third child, I welcomed the extra set of hands to help get our two daughters ready for the day. Little did we know…...

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Today we beat breast cancer

Lavina, a decorated theater director, is a young woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer in late December 2016. She underwent chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago. Although she “completed” her treatment at the hospital at the time of the taping, she is still on…...

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How I saved my sister’s life

By Glora Brda My journey with breast cancer began 19 years ago in 1997 at Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, Ill. I had just received a negative mammogram, and there was no reason to be concerned, since breast cancer didn’t run in my family. Six months later though, I started thinking about having another…...

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