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More than 125 years ago, Advocate Sherman Hospital opened its doors in a two-story house donated by area businessman Henry Sherman. And the Elgin community has relied on—and invested in—the care provided by its local hospital ever since. Today Sherman Hospital is recognized as a proven market leader, providing top-quality, comprehensive care, close to home.

The tradition of philanthropy that dates back to the hospital’s founding still holds strong today. Generous donors have helped the hospital build new facilities, acquire advanced technology, create innovative programs and win national awards. The facts speak for themselves. Now, in an era of declining reimbursements and increasing health needs, charitable gifts are more important than ever in ensuring local access to the very best care.

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Funding Priorities

At the Center for Cancer Care at Sherman Hospital, the people, the technology and the resources allow us to care for patients with incredible expertise and compassion. We want this to be possible within a healing environment that’s close to where you live, which is why we have a linear accelerator for state-of-the-art, targeted radiation treatments. Your gift will help us expand our program, provide additional services, purchase advanced technology and provide continued educational opportunities for our team members.

As one of the first community hospitals in the country to perform open heart surgery in 1972, Sherman Hospital has a strong reputation for comprehensive, cardiovascular excellence. Every year, the hospital performs more than 175 open-heart surgeries, 1,100 cardiac procedures, 650 interventions and 295 pacemaker/ICD insertions. Your gift will help Sherman continue to perform more heart procedures than any other hospital in the region and make further technological advances.

Sherman Hospital’s Emergency Department treats more than 60,000 people per year, with a third of those being pediatric patients. Your gift will help us provide additional services and necessary equipment, as well as toys and games for our youngest patients. Philanthropy also helps the emergency department advance technology, support caregiver education and develop community programs.

Music is proven to have healing properties that include decreasing anxiety and elevating positive emotions. With a focus on patient-centered care, programming includes musicians playing in common and patient areas. Support for the fund allows Sherman Hospital to foster a more calming, restorative environment for patients by offering positive distractions that reduce pain, stress and anxiety.

This flexible fund provides critical resources to meet immediate needs and to support new programs that enhance the quality of care and patient experience. Gifts to this fund allow hospital leadership to respond quickly to important new requests and opportunities as they arise.

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Vice President, Development

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Manager, Development

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Coordinator, Development