Advocate Medical Group

As the state’s largest medical group, Advocate Medical Group provides primary care, specialty services, medical imaging, comprehensive outpatient services and community-based medical practices throughout Chicagoland and Central Illinois. Many of its unique programs were started and are maintained through charitable gifts.

Philanthropy helps Advocate Medical Group physicians provide specialized care to populations including adults and adolescents with Down syndrome, children with autism and young adults with substance abuse issues. Now, in an era of declining reimbursements and increasing health needs, charitable gifts are more important than ever in ensuring local access to the very best care.

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Learn more about our funding priorities below.

Funding Priorities

Since 1992, the Adult Down Syndrome Center has provided a full range of specialized health care services for 6,000 adolescents and adults with Down syndrome. Recently, a close friend and loyal supporter agreed to donate $2.75 million if the Center could raise an equal amount in philanthropic support, resulting in the launch of our new $5.5 million fundraising campaign, At the Center of it all. Learn more here.

A lifelong neurobehavioral disorder that impairs social skills, language and behavior, autism affects one in every 100 children, and its incidence is increasing. Charitable gifts help the Autism Treatment Program based at Illinois Masonic Medical Center deliver training and support materials for parents; they also offset the cost of care for families who would otherwise be unable to afford it.

Gifts to the Dreyer Community Health Fund support local causes including the Visiting Nurse Association of Fox Valley, Fox Valley Hospice, Mutual Ground and the TriCity Health Partnership, through grants for their clients’ medical needs. Philanthropy also helps fund resources for required prescriptions and cancer medications, as well as drug abuse prevention services and seminars that target adolescents.

The Healing Garden at Dreyer Medical Group’s Highland location was created as a mini-oasis for patients and their families. This quiet, protective outdoor area changes with the seasons, and is open to all patients, providers, staff and the general public. Maintenance of the garden is supported entirely by philanthropic contributions.

The President’s Fund for Special Needs is designed to provide our leadership with the financial flexibility to make annual investments that extend access to care, educate medical staff, nurses and team members, invest in our facilities and improve patient care. Support of the President’s Fund for Special Needs will have a direct impact across Advocate Medical Group and will help us better serve our patients and community.

Sudden cardiac death claims the lives of 30 young adults every week in the United States. One-third of these deaths might have been prevented through a simple, inexpensive heart screening. With the help of philanthropy, the Young Hearts for Life® Cardiac Screening Program brings qualified medical volunteers to high schools to provide free electrocardiograms to identify high school students at risk for sudden cardiac death.