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Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center has been supported by its community since its founding in 1901. Thanks to the commitment of all who believe in its mission, Illinois Masonic is recognized as one of the top hospitals in the United States.

Area residents, physicians, business leaders and others continue to invest philanthropically to help ensure the best possible health care and services for the medical center’s patients, neighbors and physicians in training. Donors help Illinois Masonic Medical Center construct state-of-the-art facilities, acquire leading-edge technology and sponsor research, education and community outreach programs, among other initiatives.

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Learn more about our funding priorities below.

Funding Priorities

The Autism Treatment Program, part of Illinois Masonic’s Pediatric Developmental Center, is the most comprehensive outpatient diagnostic and treatment center for children with special needs in the Chicago area. Our services include: Medical diagnostic and intervention services for infants and toddlers; comprehensive treatment for children with autism; Chicago’s only home-based behavioral psychology program; and pediatric rehabilitation services; as well as family and sibling support.

Behavioral health disorders affect roughly 80 percent of people in one way or another. Chances are you know someone who has dealt with mental illness, anxiety, depression, addiction, excessive stress, ADHD, an eating disorder or other psychological problems. As an essential part of a child’s or adult’s overall wellness, behavioral health has a complex interactive relationship with physical health, family life, and one’s ability to succeed in school, at work, in relationships and in society. Gifts to support Behavior Health Services at Illinois Masonic Medical Center will help ensure that individuals and families who face a behavioral health challenge can access high quality psychological and psychiatric services regardless of their ability to pay, thereby helping them to live life to the fullest.

Housed within the new Center for Advanced Care, the Creticos Cancer Center offers comprehensive care from a multidisciplinary team. Among the advanced technology in the Center are two TrueBeam linear accelerators (LINACs) for state-of-the-art, targeted radiation treatments. In addition, we’ve created a peaceful, healing environment for our patients, with plenty of privacy and natural light. Your gift will help us provide access to prevention and early detection programs, cancer education and support services for our patients.

Our team of highly respected award-winning heart specialists at Advocate Heart Institute offers the most advanced diagnostics and treatments for a full range of heart conditions—from the most common to the most complex. We are in the midst of developing a heart failure clinic and expanding cardiac imaging. Illinois Masonic is also privileged to have a cardiology fellowship program which assures that our cardiologists stay relevant with leading edge technology and advancements in medicine. With your support we can expand our services and continue to provide safer, less invasive cardiovascular treatments.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to digestive health allows us to deliver the best possible outcomes for all gastrointestinal (GI) conditions, from common to complex. At the Center for Digestive Health at Advocate Illinois Masonic, we combine the experience and expertise of our Gastroenterology Lab and colorectal surgery team to give our patients the most comprehensive care available.

At the Center for Neurosciences and Comprehensive Spine, we are dedicated to advancing the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders and conditions. Philanthropy provides support within the Neurology and Neuro Surgery Department to fund education and research, program development, and access to care.

Our orthopedic specialists and surgeons diagnose and treat broken bones, congenital abnormalities, sports-related injuries, joint pain and related health issues for both adults and children. These musculoskeletal problems may compromise healthy movement from birth, after injury or over time as the body ages. Your gift to Illinois Masonic’s orthopedic department will help our multidisciplinary team experience the latest education and research, support innovative program development, and provide access to care for our most in-need patients.

The President’s Priority Fund is designed to provide our leadership with the financial flexibility to make annual investments. Donors to the President’s Priority Fund annually commit more than $400,000 to extend access to care; educate medical staff, nurses and associates; invest in our facilities; and improve patient care. Your support of the President’s Priority Fund will have a direct impact on the entire medical center and will help us better serve our patients and community. Programs such as First Access, the Medication Assistance Program and the Digestive Health Institute are funded through the President’s Priority Fund.

Our specialists have been providing comprehensive services for more than 45 years using the latest techniques and technologies. They also have a particular skill in treating special needs patients with more than 3,000 adults and children with developmental disabilities visit our compassionate experts each year through our Special Patient Dental Care Program. We have four decades of experience providing comprehensive oral health services to these patients.

Responding to the health needs of women begins with a strong and supportive relationship with their doctor. Advocate nurtures this connection through every life stage. Illinois Masonic hosts specialized women’s clinics and a full range of programs for your education and well-being; and provides the latest minimally invasive procedures and advanced-screening technology. Your gift to Women’s Services will help our most in-need patients as they benefit from our breast health, heart disease and osteoporosis initiatives, and pre- and postnatal care from our high-risk specialists.

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