Advocate Home Health & Hospice

Home health care and hospice services are increasingly vital components of the health care continuum. Because of the substantial benefits of home care and hospice, including a more comfortable environment and lower costs—more health organizations are encouraging home-based care for patients recovering from illness or living with chronic disease, as well as those facing the end of life. Not-for-profit and faith-based, Advocate at Home relies on charitable gifts to make sure patients receive the excellent, compassionate home health and hospice care they need and deserve, regardless of their ability to pay. Gifts to the identified funding opportunities will make a difference in the lives of the thousands of patients who turn to Advocate at Home for care each year.

Advocate Home Health Services

Though essential to providing the best care possible to patients, continuing medical education is costly. With the help of donated funds, caregivers have more opportunities to attend conferences and symposiums, join professional organizations such as the National Association for Home Care and Hospice, and participate in research trials.

Some of Advocate’s home health and hospice nurses face challenges in getting to patients’ homes because of safety concerns. Philanthropy helps cover the cost of having a security officer accompany nurses who make visits in high-crime neighborhoods. This critical service—not covered by insurance or patient fees—ensures that patients receive needed care without compromising the safety of our caregivers.

Advocate’s commitment to providing patients with high-quality care does not end when they are discharged. The Transition Program was developed for high-risk patients—those who are homebound or have a progressive, chronic illness but are not eligible for traditional home care. The program covers free, post-discharge home visits from a nurse to clarify discharge instructions, explain medications and make sure follow-up doctor appointments are made. While the program ensures optimal patient care, its individualized services are not reimbursed by health insurance.

Advocate Hospice

Advocate Hospice offers patients music therapy, pet therapy and massage therapy, which have been clinically proven to reduce anxiety, decrease perception of pain, and stimulate positive emotions and memories. Philanthropic support is the only means of funding these special ways of providing patients with the holistic care they need and deserve.

Advocate Hospice not only cares for patients, but also provides comfort and assistance to their families. To help those who have recently lost a loved one move through their grief, our Daybreak Program offers bereavement and support programs that are key to healing but not reimbursed by insurance.

Part of the Daybreak Program, Camp Bear Hugs brings together children who have recently lost a family member or close friend for two summer days of fun and remembrance. The skilled staff leads activities designed to give these special campers a chance to both enjoy themselves and express their feelings in a safe and supportive environment.

Our caregivers do whatever they can to make the end of life as meaningful and comfortable as possible for patients and their families. Charitable gifts often cover the incidentals that help keep families together or make life easier for the patient. Donated funds may cover transportation costs so an elderly person can be at the bedside of a terminally ill spouse. And gifts help purchase Broda chairs, specially designed for patients who are very debilitated or in pain.

This fund will provide the opportunity to make palliative care and its associated services available to a broader set of Advocate patients and families. Support for this program will also provide for: home-based palliative care, educating home/family caregivers and nursing home staff about the benefits of palliative care, and research initiatives to measure outcomes and develop new medical protocols.