Advocate Condell Medical Center

Condell Medical Center opened in 1928 after Lake County residents followed Dorothy Condell’s lead and made the charitable gifts necessary to build a 25-bed hospital for their community. That tradition of philanthropy has served our area well ever since.

Now a Level I Trauma Center and a Top 100 Hospital, Condell Medical Center continues to grow thanks to the generosity of its donors. Philanthropy has helped the hospital build new facilities, acquire advanced technology, create innovative programs and win national awards. Now, in an era of declining reimbursements and increasing health needs, charitable gifts are more important than ever in ensuring local access to the very best care.

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Learn more about our funding priorities below.

Funding Priorities

Condell Medical Center’s Cancer Center provides the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment options for patients diagnosed with cancer. We are committed to providing cancer patients with the most advanced radiation, infusion, and supporting treatments available, delivered with a “whole person” approach to patient care. Your gift will help us purchase state-of-art technology, expand our services and elevate patient care.

Condell Medical Center’s expansive state-of-the-art Emergency Department (ED) has been designed to provide the highest standards of life-saving care as Lake County’s only Level I Trauma Center, Pediatric ED, and first Accredited Chest Pain Center. Your gift will help ensure our caregivers have the latest technology, education and support services to meet the needs of the community.

Condell Medical Center is a community treasure. Since 1928, it has served the health care needs of the Libertyville area. By creating the Enduring Excellence Endowment, we can continue the Condell tradition of excellence by providing resources to meet the hospital’s special needs as identified by the hospital president. Improving access to care, supporting clinical services, increasing the efficiency of support operations, and updating equipment, as well as maintaining and improving facilities are all examples of how the funds may be used.

Advocate Heart Institute at Condell Medical Center offers high-quality, comprehensive heart and cardiovascular care. With the help of philanthropy, we can provide the most sophisticated diagnostic, imaging and treatment technology.

Advocate Condell Medical Center has the only Level 1 Trauma Center in Lake County. Our expansion will increase the number of beds in our Intensive Care Unit from 17 to 32, allowing us to care for even more people in our community. Your gift will provide training for team members, state-of-the-art equipment and enhanced patient amenities.

Condell Medical Center’s nurses treat patients as individuals, skillfully and compassionately. The Magnet: Excellence in Nursing Fund helps our nurses enhance standards of care and build knowledge through ongoing education and professional development, which allows us to continue our efforts to improve patient care. Charitable support helps cover the cost of specialized skills training, travel to conferences and required classes for advanced degrees.

With support from philanthropy Mission and Spiritual Care assists patients and their families to identify and utilize spiritual and religious coping skills before, during and after a medical event. Our chaplains offer spiritual care to all persons of any faith tradition and to those without a religious affiliation. As integral members of multi-disciplinary teams, chaplains foster a holistic philosophy and promote inter-professional partnerships and are available to assist patients and families in resolving issues that involve ethical and/or religious values and concerns. Mission and Spiritual Care also partners with communities and congregations in our service areas to conduct educational programs incorporating the latest technology and research into the relationship between spirituality and health.

At Condell Medical Center, our board-certified neurosurgeons, neurologists, pain management specialists and primary care physicians work closely together to offer evidence-based treatment for the brain and the spine. We treat the most complex neurological conditions using today’s most advanced technology. Charitable gifts support equipment, caregiver and patient needs.

Your gift will support our pharmacy residency program that provides an advanced level of knowledge, experience, and skills to pharmacy practitioners. The benefits of the program include improved quality of care to our patients; enhanced patient education, safety and satisfaction; and cost savings achieved through resident interventions and error prevention, among others benefits.

The President’s Fund for Special Needs is designed to provide our leadership with the financial flexibility to make annual investments that extend access to care, educate medical staff, nurses and team members, invest in our facilities and improve patient care. Support of the President’s Fund for Special Needs will have a direct impact on the entire hospital and will help us better serve our patients and community.

The Advocate Trauma Recovery Center North Region is a health care-based violence intervention program that provides quality services and resources for survivors of intentional trauma with compassion, respect and care. Our purpose is to aid individuals who have experienced trauma rebuild, restore and strengthen their sense of safety by ending the cycle of violence. We provide access to trauma-informed care by acknowledging how past and present traumatic experiences and stress may impact the individuals and families we are serving. Our team is specially trained to support the unique needs of survivors and their families to foster hope for a better future.


For more information, please contact Condell Medical Center’s development team:

Michelle Weber
Vice President, Development

Taryn Placko
Manager, Development