Stories of Impact

Our patients and their families are at the center of what we do. Here are some of their stories.

Ashley Olaez was struggling to thrive at school and her family was feeling lost. Then they found the Adult Down Syndrome Center. She and her family are now getting the support they need, and her mood has improved dramatically.

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Molly Bourke, 36, is an independent and active young woman who is also a Special Olympian. Her family is so grateful for the care and support they’ve received at the Adult Down Syndrome Center over the years.

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Will Scocozza, 25, lives hundreds of miles away from the Adult Down Syndrome Center. But he was able to take advantage of the Center’s virtual social activities and make new friends while he was at home during the pandemic.

Read his mother’s testimonial here.

Lindsey Pazerunas, 26, has never let life’s obstacles stand in her way. From beating leukemia at the young age of seven to navigating virtual interactions during COVID-19, she hasn’t slowed down.

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Peter, who’s 29, has been a patient at the Adult Down Syndrome Center since he was a teenager. He and his family are grateful to the Center for being able to meet Peter’s physical and mental health care needs over the years. His parents are also generous donors.

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Chomedy has a busy and active life. Like many of us, she’s had to adapt to life during COVID-19. Her mother is grateful for the Adult Down Syndrome Center’s virtual meetings, which have taught Chomedy independence in a technological world.

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Maria Kotsinis is a member of the Council of Advisors for Advocate Medical Group’s Adult Down Syndrome Center in Park Ridge, IL. She and her son, Nicholas, share what the Center means to them and why they’re so grateful to have this specialized care in their community.

Watch their story here.

Linda and Mike Mussallem are loyal supporters of the Center. Linda’s brother, Bob, and Mike’s brother, George (pictured left), both had Down syndrome. Inspired by their brothers, Linda and Mike are generously donating $2.75 million through the George and Bob Fund to support our new campaign.

Read their story here.

Nina has been receiving care at the Adult Down Syndrome Center since she was a young teenager. She and her family are especially grateful for the Center’s online Resource Library, which helps Nina navigate the pandemic and provides her with tools to promote independence.

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Speech and language development was a challenge for Quintin, but he and his family found help and support through the Adult Down Syndrome Center.

One of the first words he learned was “mom.”

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The Adult Down Syndrome Center has served the medical and psychosocial needs of over 6,000 teenagers and adults with Down syndrome since 1992.

Watch this video to hear from some of our grateful families.