Patient Stories

Millions of people depend on Advocate Health Care every year. Advocate provides inspiring medicine for patients following a life-threatening heart attack, a traumatic car accident or a terrifying cancer diagnosis. And often, philanthropy plays a vital role in enabling us to offer the best treatment and services possible for our patients—and their families. Read some of their stories.

  • The woman behind the Adult Down Syndrome Center

    “All I ever wanted was for my son to have choices once he became an adult. Not only have we achieved that for Chris and many others, but we have created a community for a population that, at one point, nobody cared about, and, for the first time, we began meeting their needs medically and emotionally. The Adult Down Syndrome Center is truly an international gem—there is nothing like it.”... read more
  • Tom White

    “The people of Good Samaritan Hospital took good care of Tom, but they also took care of me,” Merrie Jo says. “When I had to go home and rest, I felt comfortable because I knew I was leaving him in good hands.”... read more
  • Ryan Ranft

    “A lot of things went wrong that night, but Lutheran General Hospital and the trauma team got it right.”... read more
  • Patricia Lundstrom

    "A breast biopsy, whether the outcome is benign or malignant, is an overwhelming and frightening experience. We want our patients to feel cared for, informed and empowered"... read more
  • Michele Dador

    "I wasn’t scared because I have the best group of docs. Condell is phenomenal and so are its people and services.”... read more
  • Kylan Blake

    “I never thought I would see the day that life is so normal, and for that we are so grateful to Advocate Children’s Hospital and to all of the amazing doctors and nurses there.”... read more
  • Jose Velazquez

    “Dr. Maker would come into my room to talk with me. He expressed genuine concern and answered all of my questions, whether it took 10 minutes or an hour.”... read more
  • Joseph Pompa

    “I just have to keep working hard to get back to where I want to be—100 percent for my wife, my family, my grandson and my granddaughter who will be born this spring. I need to be here for them.”... read more
  • Isaac Parris

    The positive feedback the family receives is helping them through the healing process. But it is Isaac’s infectious smile that gives his family strength and keeps them motivated. And that smile is now inspiring thousands of people across the country.... read more
  • Harley Brooks

    Dr. Brooks specializes in caring for the most seriously ill patients and spends much of his time in the intensive care unit. But he had to call in sick that day—for only the second time in his 12 years on staff—because he was hospitalized in critical condition himself.... read more