‘We could never thank her enough’


Stacy and Tim Weber never expected to feel so much gratitude toward a person doing their job. But it wasn’t just any person – it was a compassionate and kind nurse who cared for them during the birth of their first child.

“If there was ever a nurse who was meant to specialize in labor and delivery, it’s Kristin,” shared Stacy. “She’s so passionate about her work. She was just wonderful.”

Stacy was scheduled to be induced at Aurora Medical Center – Grafton on Aug. 23, 2021. She remembers the trip to the hospital clearly.

“I was a nervous wreck the whole drive there! But as soon as we walked in, I felt at ease.”

Stacy labored throughout the day and overnight. As a result, the Webers experienced several shift changes.

“Everyone was great, but Kristin stuck out,” recalled Tim. “She was beyond a nurse. She became part of our lives. This was our first baby, and the care Kristin showed to all of us was outstanding.”

“She kept coming in our room to check on me and she’d announce, ‘We’re having a baby tonight!’ And I’d always say, ‘I hope so because this is taking forever!’” laughed Stacy.

Kristin helped calm Stacy’s fears while walking her through each step of labor.

“I couldn’t have asked or imagined having someone so wonderful to help guide me through labor, telling me what to expect every step of the way and coaching me with such encouragement,” shared Stacy. “She is simply amazing, and we could never thank her enough.”

After 24 hours, Stacy and Tim welcomed their healthy son, Easton. They were grateful for everyone on their care team during their stay. And Stacy, who’s a nurse at Aurora West Allis Medical Center, gained a new perspective of being a patient herself.

“I appreciate it so much more having been in that position – a patient who’s scared and vulnerable,” she shared. “I think my experience will help me be a better nurse too.”

Expressing their gratitude

Stacy and Tim were so grateful for the care their family received that they decided to recognize Kristin through our Expressions of Gratitude webpage.

You can express your gratitude by recognizing a team member, nurse or physician who’s made an impact on your life by making a tribute gift or sharing your story.