‘This is what it looks like to be invested in the health of a community’

Isaac Jordan

Isaac Jordan wasn’t originally looking for a volunteer position at Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic, but it’s exactly what he ended up finding. It was the beginning of 2019, and he was a graduate student in physical therapy at Concordia University.

“I was part of the multicultural interprofessional student organization, and they asked me to go to another organization to see if they had any volunteer opportunities,” he explained. “And I accidentally walked in the wrong door!”

Isaac knew of the clinic through friends and his own work within the community, so he applied to volunteer there.

“Everyone embraced me so caringly and supportively. They found different roles for me to play in their mission to improve health care and access to health care in the community.”

During his time at the clinic, Isaac learned a lot from both team members and patients.

“It made me see how difficult it can be for people to have access to health care. I saw firsthand the disparities and challenges that refugees and people without insurance face,” he shared. “It also taught me about how powerful teamwork is and how important it is to have a supportive and caring work environment.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year, the clinic was forced to put a pause on its volunteer program. Then Isaac finished graduate school and began working as a physical therapist in Arizona. He recently sent a heartfelt thank you card to the team that taught him so much.

“Writing thank you notes is something my mom instilled in me – words can be so meaningful. And the clinic has been through a lot, especially with the pandemic. I wanted to acknowledge all the difficulties they’ve had to face.”

Isaac credits the clinic for much of his success in school and in life.

“I really appreciate all the people who have helped me develop into the person and clinician I am today. The way they saw their duty as health care professionals helped shape and guide me through physical therapy school,” he said. “This is what it looks like to be invested in the health of a community.”

You can make a difference too

Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic is the largest free clinic in Wisconsin. It provides multilingual, culturally sensitive care to those who are uninsured and face barriers to accessing care.

“I’m so grateful I got to experience all the good the clinic does. It was so powerful to be part of a team that wholeheartedly believes in their mission and works every day to make it a reality,” shared Isaac. “It really speaks to the quality and care that goes into the work they do for the community.”

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