The family practice physician who’s supporting his fellow providers

Dr. Masood Wasiullah (right) and his wife, Karin

Physicians and clinicians will soon have a new, relaxing space to rest and recharge at Aurora St. Luke’s South Shore thanks to Dr. Masood Wasiullah, a family practice physician who worked at the hospital since the young age of 17. Dr. Wasiullah began there as an orderly, did his residency and saw patients, and eventually became one of the founding partners of Lakeshore Medical Clinics.

Not only does the hospital hold special meaning for him professionally, it’s also where his wife and children were born. “I firmly believe a healthy institution needs healthy providers. My idea is to provide a healthy space specifically for the providers at St. Luke’s South Shore, like the people before me did for me,” he shares.

Dr. Wasiullah has committed $70,000 from the Wasiullah Family Foundation to pay for the renovations. It will provide a modernized home-like setting for staff to come together, share stories and decompress.

“It’s important for providers to be around others who understand what they go through,” Dr. Wasiullah explains. “If you’ve had a stressful case, you may want to talk about what happened. You’ll have colleagues there who can relate and be a shoulder to lean on.”

Aurora St. Luke’s South Shore President, Ania Horner, RN, says this need has never been clearer since the pandemic. “We saw our physicians give so selflessly of themselves to serve the needs of our patients. The lounge is a central gathering spot for them to pause in their hectic day to feed their bodies and rest their minds. We are truly grateful for his support.”

Dr. Wasiullah and his Wasiullah Family Foundation have given generously over the years to various hospital improvements, especially those that directly impact patient care. He hopes this gift doesn’t just support physicians and clinicians, he wants it to inspire others to give back to the people who have made a difference in their lives.

“This community has supported me and given me so much. I feel a responsibility to give back,” he says.

How you can help

You can make a difference for patients, families and team members at Aurora South Shore by making a gift here – or support care in your community here.