How donors provided moments of relief to team members during COVID-19

It was the end of April 2020, and team members on the COVID-19 unit at Aurora Medical Center Kenosha were feeling the strain of the pandemic.

“It was a difficult time, and everyone was stepping up to help others. I could see their fatigue, frustration and stress,” said Andrea

Anderson, patient care manager. “I wanted to do something to show that we value and appreciate them.”

At the time, the hospital’s cafeteria was closed, and many donors were showing their gratitude to health care workers through donations of snacks, meals and beverages. Andrea decided to do something different.

“It was a high-stress environment, and I wanted to do something to allow team members to relax and have a little downtime for themselves.”

Thanks to donations to the COVID-19 Relief Fund, Andrea was able to bring in massage therapists to offer 10-minute chair massages to the hospital’s frontline team members.

“We had over 200 timeslots available during every shift so no one would be left out,” she shared. “Most of my team took advantage. They thought it was a unique idea and something they wouldn’t typically get to do.”

Amanda Sarenec, a certified nursing assistant, was eager to sign up and grateful for the gesture. “The massages were so relaxing, and I felt like we were being rewarded with something that was beneficial and thoughtful based on what we were experiencing with COVID.”

Rachel Novak, RN, BSN, added, “I loved the idea of the chair massages. It was a great relaxer in the middle of what was a stressful time. It made me feel my well-being was being considered.”

Andrea is grateful for the generosity of donors, which made the massages possible.

“I think it’s awesome that donors care and want to help,” she said. “Thank you for giving us your trust even when you might not know how your gifts are impacting others. We are all so grateful for your support.”

How you can help

You can support team members’ resiliency and well-being by making a donation to our COVID-19 Relief Fund. Get started here.