Aurora Grafton celebrates milestones in robotics surgery and YOU helped make it happen

(L-R) Dr. Basil Salaymeh, Dr. Alex Zacharias, and Dr. James Rydlewicz, with Michelle Blakely, Aurora Grafton hospital president, celebrating their milestones in robotic surgery.

Aurora Medical Center Grafton does more robotic surgeries than any other program in the state of Wisconsin and is in the top 4% of the country.

The experienced team of surgeons at Grafton was recently recognized for their expertise and patient outcomes. Dr. Basil Salaymeh has helped many patients see quick results through over 500 robotic surgeries; Dr. James Rydlewicz has cared for general surgery patients with over 500 robotic surgeries including bariatric, foregut and gastrointestinal procedures; and, Dr. Alex Zacharias has performed over 1000 robotic surgeries especially focused on urological concerns.

“We’ve pushed the envelope to deliver a robotic approach to pretty much everything we do so that patients receive excellent care,” said Dr. Zacharias. “I couldn’t be happier with our high performing staff at Grafton who have provided support.”

This team has helped make Grafton a destination for minimally invasive robotic surgery. And they wouldn’t be as productive or as successful if it weren’t for the generous support of donors like you. Foundation dollars recently helped purchase two E100 generators, which are the newest line of robotic vessel sealers. The generators provide better movement and visibility and enable surgeons to safely cauterize bundles of vessels.

“Support through the Foundation has helped us become even better at what we do. We are able to do more robotic cases, both in volume and variety and our patients benefit from that experience, with lower complication rates and better outcomes,” said Dr. Salaymeh. “Our experience gives us regional and national credibility when we promote robotics as a better option for less invasive surgery.”

If you would like to support the Grafton Minimally Invasive & Robotics fund, go here. You can also support programs close to home here.