We give back to honor our son and help other grieving parents

The Lang family

Maggie Lang and her family are honoring their late son by providing other grieving parents with a way to keep precious memories. This is her story in her own words.

On December 2, 2014, time stood still. Our son, Bennett Corley Lang, was born peacefully sleeping at 38 weeks. We were heartbroken, devastated and lost. Our lives were forever changed, and we could not even begin to process what had happened.

Our angels on earth were there to pick up the pieces and guide us. Our nurses at Advocate Christ Medical Center gave us the most amazing gift of time. They cared for Bennett like their own, snuggling him in a special blanket, raving over his beautiful curly hair and asking us all about him. Every nurse that entered our room was calm, caring and comforting.

What the nurses did to allow us to spend two days with our son was invaluable. In a time when we were overwhelmed and mentally paralyzed, the nurses didn’t miss a beat to make sure our time with Bennett was perfect and that we were creating memories that would carry us forever. We had the most bittersweet two days with our boy, and it was all possible because of our nurses – our angels on earth.

The memory box we received for our son is irreplaceable and truly our most prized possession. We have the most precious gifts of cast imprints of Bennett’s hands and feet, his special blanket the nurses wrapped him in, his adorable blue knitted hat and the most beautiful pictures of our sweet boy. Our hearts are forever grateful to the amazing nurses who treated us like family.

Every year on Bennett’s birthday, we make a donation to cover the cost of memory boxes for a year. Bennett’s name means “blessed.” We were blessed with Bennett and in his honor, we want to bless others with what has mattered most to us theses last six years: the memories we have of our precious son.

He is still loved and grieved for every minute of every day; still missed beyond the greatest measure; still talked about and celebrated daily. Bennett may have been stillborn, but he was STILL born. He is one piece of our five-piece family puzzle, and we will always be his voice.

Bennett has changed our lives forever. He has made us more caring and taught us to never take things for granted. We give to honor and remember him and all the little ones who have left this earth to soon. We give to help other grieving parents know they are not alone. We give to make a difference.

To all the grieving parents out there, keep taking steps know matter how big or how small. You will never move on, but you will move forward.

Six years later, we are still grieving, but we are also still standing and smiling. We work every day to make positive impacts on the world in honor of Bennett. Bennett was made for greatness, and we try to carry that out for him.

Grief is a long road and not everyone will understand. Take care of yourself and each other and make your family a priority above all else. Never be afraid to ask for help.

There is no greater loss then the loss of a child. You will learn just how strong you are and come to realize nothing is impossible once you have been though the unimaginable. Most importantly, know that healing takes time and you are never alone.

Advocate Christ Medical Center offers bereavement support services to parents grieving the loss of a child. You can support these critical services by making a gift here. Please designate your donation to the Kelly Paige Wells Perinatal Fund.