Honoring a legacy of giving

Evelyn and Ray at their 50th anniversary celebration

Ray and Evelyn Lucivansky lived in several places after they got married in 1956, but they always called Lake Geneva home. It was where they met when they were young and where they decided to retire. They even lived in Evelyn’s childhood home, which her grandfather built.

“My parents were passionate about their community. They spent their retirement years giving back,” said their daughter, Karen Livingston. “They volunteered at Aurora Lakeland Medical Center, at their church and with several other community organizations.”

Ray, an Army veteran, logged more than 10,000 hours volunteering at Aurora Lakeland over 23 years. Evelyn volunteered at Aurora Lakeland for more than 20 years.

“Ray was on several committees and worked at the front desk as an escort, so he’d help patients who needed a wheelchair,” explained Jim Livingston, Karen’s husband. “Oftentimes, there was a shortage of wheelchairs.”

Ray and Evelyn, who were married for 64 years, both passed away in 2020. Karen and Jim knew just how to honor their legacy and spirit of giving.

“We decided to donate two wheelchairs to the hospital – one from my father and one from my mother,” said Karen. “They’ll help fill a need my father identified, and it’s something he specifically wanted us to do. My parents have always emphasized the need to give back and did so by volunteering their entire lives.”

“The wheelchairs also serve as a visible reminder of how much Ray and Evelyn cared about the hospital and community,” added Jim.

Evelyn and Ray were also grateful patients at the hospital.

“They received outstanding care at Lakeland, as well as other Aurora hospitals throughout southeast Wisconsin,” said Karen. “We’ve been very impressed with the entire system.”

How you can help

You can support outstanding care in your community by making a gift to the program or hospital you care about most.