Don’t wait when it comes to getting your mammogram

Judith, a breast cancer survivor, wants to remind other women to make mammograms a priority.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Nationally, one out of eight women will hear the words “you have breast cancer” at some point in their lifetime. Last year, roughly one-third of the women in Wisconsin who were newly diagnosed with breast cancer chose Aurora Cancer Care for their care.

Judith began her fight in 2004 at Aurora Cancer Care – West Allis.

When asked what kept her going, she replied, “I have the best oncologist. I am so close to my friends and family. I wanted to show them I will be fine and not to worry about me.”

Judith also wants to remind women to be vigilant with their cancer screenings.

“If I had to talk to other women who are putting off their mammograms, I would say don’t! That’s how they found my breast tumor,” she said. “As soon as you feel a lump or something strange, make an appointment! Not paying attention to a lump or delaying a mammogram is not ‘magic’ to pretend nothing is wrong. The sooner it’s detected, the easier it is to treat. Don’t wait.”

You can support women like Judith

For more than a decade, the Pink Possible campaign has raised breast cancer awareness in our communities while engaging local businesses to raise funds to strengthen local Aurora Cancer Care breast cancer programs. To support breast cancer programs in your community, make a gift online.