Your support helps our frontline team members keep going

Mollie Ward, head chaplain at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center

Providing connection when it’s needed most

The isolation that has come along with COVID-19 is devastating for patients and those who care for them. Mollie Ward is the head chaplain at Advocate Bromenn Medical Center in Normal, IL and since her team wasn’t able to be in patient rooms, she needed to find a way to still provide spiritual care for patients.

That’s when Mary Bennett-Henrichs, President and Chief Executive Officer of Integrity Technology Solution, Inc. in Bloomington, IL, stepped up to help.  She donated two iPads for Mollie’s team to better connect with patients.

“We’ve used them to facilitate a virtual visit for a family whose loved one was nearing end of life,” shared Mollie. “Also, a son whose mother was hospitalized was able to see her face for the first time in over a month.”

They will soon use the iPads to create a video of chaplains offering virtual hand blessings for Nurse’s Week. It’s a wonderful gift that’s bringing so many closer together.

“We’re glad we could help in such a meaningful way. Hearing how the iPads are being used helped me start the week with a full heart,” Mary said.

Sweet treats from the Cupcake Guru

A sweet way of expressing gratitude

When it comes to sweet treats, it doesn’t get much better than cupcakes. And when it comes to cupcakes, who could be better than the Cupcake Guru? In Oshkosh, Wis., that would be Tamara Mugerauer. She’s using her amazing treats as a way to give thanks to health care workers at Aurora Medical Center in Oshkosh.

“I am so thankful for people who are willing to go to work every day in the most vulnerable positions to take care of people who really need them,” explained Tamara.

She came up with the idea to match all donations to give a 4-pack of her signature treats to team members on the frontlines. Tamara hopes to make deliveries at the hospital every single week until they provide a 4-pack to all 250 team members. You can support the effort here.

“So many people are able to stay home, but these doctors, nurses, and team members are stepping up to do their best to keep everyone healthy,” Tamara said.

Poshabodes donated 250 care kits to team members at Aurora Sinai Medical Center.

Saying “thank you” with care kits

A local business that normally specializes in luxury vacation rentals found a unique way to support frontline team members— a “posh” care kit. Poshabodes organized the effort by reaching out to local businesses that provided items for the kits at free or reduced costs.

250 care kits were dropped off at Aurora Sinai Medical Center in Milwaukee for team members in the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit and other areas that treat patients with COVID-19. The kits included a washable laundry bag to safely transport work clothes, a “hero” coffee mug, lip balm, gourmet chocolate, trail mix and more.

“Giving back to the community is core to our mission, and so it was natural to want to show our appreciation to the hospital workers who are tirelessly giving of themselves day after day,” said Jennie Korth, co-founder and CEO of Poshabodes.

Keeping the helpers healthy

Some of our frontline team members are getting nutritious fuel to take home to feed their families. Supply management company Produce Alliance is teaming up with produce vendors for “Project Produce Box: Nourish Our Frontlines.”

Produce Alliance is making sure team members get fresh fruit and vegetables during the pandemic.

They’ve delivered hundreds of boxes of high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago and Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville. And they say that’s just the beginning.

“It is such an amazing feeling to support these heroes who are working around the clock to help us during this devastating time. We wanted to do something to help nourish them when they leave exhausted and take one worry off their plate,” said Produce Alliance President Melissa Melshenker Ackerman.

Produce Alliance is looking to broaden its reach to give a boost to hospitals serving the critical needs of their communities all over the country.