You can help athletes bring their game to the next level

Playing competitive sports in rural areas like Sheboygan County has its challenges.

Dan Knaus (right) is the athletic director and head football coach at Plymouth High School.

“I think student athletes are limited when it comes to sports programming,” said Dan Knaus, the athletic director and head football coach at Plymouth High School. “There are a lot of parents looking for sports performance centers for their kids, but they have to drive to either Green Bay or Milwaukee to get the high-level training they’re looking for.”

The Health Lives Here campaign aims to change that by significantly enhancing sports and wellness programs at the new Aurora Medical Center in Sheboygan County.

“Better training and rehabilitation services close to home would give kids in our community so many more opportunities. In addition, sports programs at local schools would also grow.”

Benefits for the whole community

Stronger sports and rehabilitation programs are only part of the planned initiative. Four wellness walking paths will also be incorporated throughout the new hospital’s campus, which will be open to the public.

“I think anytime you can offer something that anyone in the community can use, like walking paths, it’s a good thing,” said Dan. “This would be a huge advantage for the community.”

How you can help

You can make sure that student athletes and the community have access to advanced sports and wellness programs by supporting the new Health Lives Here campaign. To learn more, please contact Sara Alger at or 262-235-9506.