Helping more families keep their babies close to home

Last year, Advocate Health Care and Aurora Health Care joined together to create Advocate Aurora Health, the 10th largest not-for-profit health system in the country. Your generosity will continue to make health care more accessible and compassionate for each person we serve. Here, we’re sharing stories about people, just like you, who are making a difference.

Jenna Versch gave birth to twins Corbin and Charlotte in April 2016. Although her daughter was smaller, it was her son who would need a little extra help before he could go home.

The Versch family was grateful for the exceptional care their son, Corbin (left), was able to get close to home.

“Corbin’s lungs were underdeveloped, so he had to spend a month in the NICU at Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center,” said Jenna.

As a first-time parent, Jenna was grateful for the expertise and compassion she was shown during that emotional time.

“I can’t say enough about the nurses, doctors and staff. They were so friendly. They made sure he was comfortable, and they truly went above and beyond to meet his needs.”

It meant a lot to Jenna, her husband and their whole family that little Corbin was so close to home.

“We could see him every day, twice a day. I was able to breastfeed and create a stronger bond with him. And he also got to know his sister and other family members who were able to visit frequently.”

They even got to Skype with Corbin when they weren’t at the hospital.

“It was a huge comfort to us to be able to see him,” said Jenna. “I was a new mom, and I just wanted contact with my baby. They made it easier to have that time with him.”

Corbin was able to make a full recovery during his stay in the NICU, and he’s now a healthy, happy 3-year-old.

“It’s been so great to have such exceptional care in our neighborhood,” said Jenna. “It’s meant the world to my family and me.”

How you can help

You can help people like the Versch family receive the best care possible – close to home – by supporting the Health Lives Here campaign, which will expand the current NICU’s capacity from six to 10 beds.

“Just having that level of care close to home in those first weeks of a newborn’s life is so important,” said Jenna. “This new NICU will meet the needs of more babies and provide comfort to more families. And it’ll keep that family feeling within our hometown.”

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