How Advocate Children’s Hospital helps kids like Lilianna get back to being a kid


Liliana, celebrating with her mom and dad at her last chemotherapy treatment.

Lilianna was diagnosed with pre B acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2016. She was just 4 years old.

Lilianna loves the ocean, playing outside, dancing, Disney movies and country music star Luke Bryan. So, it was a big treat for her care team at Advocate Children’s Hospital to sing her a song and play the guitar to celebrate her last in-house chemotherapy treatment! CLICK HERE to see Lilianna’s reaction.

Lilianna, now 7, goes to the Keyser Family Pediatric Cancer Center in Oak Lawn, IL, every two months for bloodwork. But her mom says she is doing incredibly well.

“She has adjusted very well to going back to having a normal life,” Lilianna’s mom, Brianna, shared. “Even though she’s done with treatment she continues to raise money for pediatric cancer research.”

Not only does Lilianna help other kids with cancer, she’s also a member of the Girl Scouts and supports causes related to the Ronald McDonald House and Down Syndrome, which she also has. She is very busy giving back to help other kids, all while getting ready for second grade this fall.

“We will always be grateful for Lily’s entire team at Advocate Children’s Hospital for bringing her back to health so she can continue to be a kid again!” Brianna said.

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