LaTisha’s story: When your pregnancy is considered high-risk

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LaTisha and her husband, Trumaine, were happily married and living in Dallas when she got pregnant. It was early 2018, LaTisha was 37 years old and ready to grow her family.

“I had a lot of friends my age starting families, so I knew I would be high-risk, but I didn’t realize the seriousness,” explained LaTisha.

Trumaine, Sr., LaTisha and Trumaine, Jr. enjoyed a Milwaukee Bucks game. Well, mom says Trumaine, Jr. put on the noise-cancelling headphones and went to sleep.

They decided to move back to Wisconsin, close to LaTisha’s family and support system. Two of her sisters were already moms and they recommended their OB/GYN, Sandra Gottwald, MD, at the Aurora Good Hope Clinic.

Because LaTisha’s pregnancy was considered high-risk, it required a lot of extra testing and appointments. But, she said things really started to “get interesting” near the end of her pregnancy.

“I started to have to come in all the time for what they called ‘nonstress tests,’ which I think they should rename because they are stressful,” she said.

Nonstress tests are common prenatal tests to check on a baby’s development. Unfortunately, the closer LaTisha got to her due date, the more concerned Dr. Gottwald became about baby Trumaine, Jr.’s health. He seemed to be moving less and his heartrate would often slow down. Around 37 weeks gestation, LaTisha started to need extra tests, like regular ultrasounds, to ensure her baby’s progress.

“They didn’t want to induce me because I was only 37 weeks and not dilated at all,” LaTisha shared. “So, I was just having to do a lot of tests and it became very emotional.”

Finally, at 39 weeks, during a scheduled checkup, LaTisha was having contractions; the baby’s heart rate dropped, and his movement slowed. Dr. Gottwald sent LaTisha to Aurora Medical Center Grafton to be closely monitored. Later that same day, Dr. Gottwald made the call that the baby was under too much stress and needed to be delivered. LaTisha had an emergency c-section. Finally, Trumaine, Jr. was born on January 22, 2019, weighing a healthy seven pounds.

“As soon as I heard him crying, nothing else mattered. That was so reassuring,” LaTisha explained.

Healthy baby, happy family

Trumaine Jr., and friend

Trumaine, Jr. is now three months old and weighs a healthy 14 pounds. LaTisha calls him her “little sack of potatoes.” He’s already been to a Milwaukee Bucks basketball game and is about ready to roll over. LaTisha and Trumaine, Sr. are over the moon and already thinking about baby number two. And she is comforted knowing that even though she’s still high-risk, she’ll be in great hands.

“I will absolutely go back to Dr. Gottwald and her whole team at Aurora Medical Center Grafton. I’m not sure what would have happened if she didn’t decide to get him when she did,” LaTisha shared. “I put all my trust in them, and I’m so glad I did.”

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