Advocate Workforce Initiative paves pathway to success

The job search: a daunting task, especially for unemployed, underemployed and low-to-moderate income residents in
Chicago and surrounding suburbs. In collaboration with a series of partnerships, the Advocate Workforce Initiative
program aligns individuals with entry middle-skill health care jobs and serves as a valuable stepping stone to advance in
the workforce.

Alicia Appleton, now an Advocate Workforce Initiative graduate, worked in food service at Advocate Trinity Hospital for
more than 10 years. During this time, she eventually felt “stuck” career-wise. While at Trinity, Alicia discovered a light at
the end of the tunnel when learning about the NAVIGATE program – a team member-level incumbent worker strategy that helps teams build on their current skills.

Alicia’s experience with NAVIGATE gave her the opportunity to grow from a cafeteria worker to a garnered sterile
processing technician. And since January 2018, she’s been working as a central services technician (CRCST) at Advocate South Suburban Hospital.

“The NAVIGATE program taught me a great deal about patience and how important my attitude is and the impact on
others. I am much more confident and encouraged. This program helped me in so many ways,” says Alicia.
These skills and more have introduced Alicia to a career-path she never predicted to pursue: becoming a surgical nurse.
In the near future, she hopes to take the state boards and become certified.

Advocate Workforce Initiative strives to make an authentic impact, while addressing the need to assist job seekers
throughout the Chicagoland area. The help of the Initiative along with Alicia’s commitment, positive attitude and yearning
to succeed, have shaped her future goals and career-interests, while paving her pathway for success.
Most importantly? This opportunity has increased Alicia’s personal confidence and motivation towards life – two
characteristics that should never be taken for granted.

For more information about Advocate Workforce Initiative and the NAVIGATE program, visit our website.