Advocate Giving Campaign: A part of the tradition

Meet Dr. Tony Hampton

Dr. Hampton has been a family physician with Advocate Medical Group’s Beverly Immediate Care Center for almost ten years. For the last few years, he has found great pleasure in making a gift during the Advocate Giving Campaign.

Because Dr. Hampton’s wife has diabetes, he has spent most of his career encouraging balanced and healthy diets, and speaking at expos for the American Diabetes Association. While the work Dr. Hampton does is wonderful, he isn’t able to give time to research, so he says his donations are an “indirect contribution” to his wife’s health.

“My whole life, my goals have been about me, and I want to go beyond that. I am able to help my family and my patients, but there is a whole world out there,” says Dr. Hampton. “This allows me to give to people opportunities that may not have them otherwise.”

When Dr. Hampton was growing up, he was encouraged to reach his goals and do his best, but not necessarily to return the favor and give back. It’s something he is now preaching to his young adult children.

“I tell my boys, ‘just a little at a time,’” he says, “You don’t have to save the world, but you can try.”

Meet Jean Mau, DNP

Being a nurse was not in my plan. I had planned to become a social worker but the idea of seven years in school was daunting. Little did I know that passion and philanthropy would keep me in school for much longer.

I was brought up in a family that believed in the importance of caring for others. After losing my mom when I was 11, I felt a calling to turn that belief into a career.

Having started out as a graduate from then Lutheran General and Deaconess Hospitals School of Nursing in Park Ridge—my roots were deeply planted in patient care and human ecology.  A lifelong learner, I returned to school while working as a nurse at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital for a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Nursing, and become licensed and certified as an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), Clinic Nurse Specialist.

But changes were on the horizon.

To practice as an APN in 2015, a doctorate degree became mandatory. So, in addition to working with heart failure patients, I embarked upon my final educational journey—to acquire a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP).

Working full-time I took advantage of Advocate’s tuition reimbursement, but the generous assistance of a grant from the David and Teryl Schawk Nursing Endowment for Research and Education, also supported by associate giving, was truly a blessing.

I graduated in less than three years with my DNP. I achieved a 4.0 grade-point average for the first-time ever for two reasons:  I loved the program; and I had financial support granted by the selfless act of charitable giving.

I continue to support nursing education for others through my annual gift to the Advocate Giving Campaign. I want to give the opportunity to learn and grow to other nursing students, while also enhancing the profession. Giving allows me to do just that. The power of charitable giving can be seen across our organization. From cardiovascular services to music therapy to palliative care, these resources do as much for patients as they do for providers.

Saying ‘thank you’ does not seem enough to express my gratitude for the role philanthropy played in my success. It helped me obtain the education so paramount to my career of helping others.

The idea behind “it starts with me” is true; if you want something to happen, you must start by doing it yourself.

Be a part of the tradition and join this year’s Advocate Giving Campaign. To learn more or make a gift today, visit our website. Thank you for your generous support!